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‘Stop calling each other G40’, ZANU PF members told.

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The ruling party ZANU PF has urged members who lose in intra-party elections to desist from labelling winners G40 as a way to discredit and spite them.

G40 is a splinter of the ruling party that broke off in 2017 and had some of the alleged members going into self-exile following President Emmerson Mnangagwa`s ascendancy to power during the same year.

ZANU PF Acting National spokesperson Mike Bimha told a press briefing at the closure of the party`s 19th Annual National People`s Conference that some members who lost elections were calling others G40 “as a way of fighting back.”

“We are also appealing to comrades who are not successful in these elections that they must accept defeat and desist from the politics of calling others G40 as a way of fighting back,” Bimha said.

Bimha said that the party was soon going to start compiling its internal voter`s roll for use in intra-party elections to minimise any irregularities that could emanate from voters` lists. He said the process was going to involve ‘capturing` and ‘computerisation’ of data.

“The party is now at an advanced stage to create its own internal voters roll through the capturing of data and subsequent computerisation and to ensure that there won`t be challenges during party internal elections.”

He added that the ruling party had resolved to “conduct primary elections on the basis of credible party registers” and to come up with different fines for members who fan divisions.

Bimha said: “That the party maintains the spirit of unity and imposes different deterrent penalties on perpetrators of regionalism, tribalism, corruption, factionalism, sexism and similar vices that seek selfish advancement of individuals and group interests at the expense of the party.”

He also said ZANU PF has resolved to direct the government to incentivise local manufacturing industries to increase production.

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