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Musical duo Savanfriq bounces back

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SAVANFRIQ, a female Zimbabwean musical duo formed in 2017 by Savannah Esther Nsompa and Ephricah Linda Munemo, has bounced back with a bumper 21-track album titled ‘African Voices.’

The new album, which is awash with diverse musical elements, is a sequel to the duo’s debut abum- Tinzwei Mambo- which was released in 2018.

Savanfriq is hopeful that their just-released album will contribute to the preservation of African knowledge systems.

“We titled it African voices because in our songs on the album you will come across various ancient African idioms, folktales and phrases we use. The album is about African voices heard from different angles,” said the musical duo in a statement.

The group is hopeful that their second album will make a mark locally and elsewhere on the continent.

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