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Kwekwe residents applaud council for relocating vendors.

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Kwekwe residents in Mbizo Section 2 have welcomed the move by the city council to relocate vendors who were operating from the suburb`s streets to the local marketplace.

The relocated vendors were occupying the roadsides and caused movement problems for both motorists and pedestrians, according to the local residents.

The residents also said the vendors had created a health ticking time bomb through littering and other unhygienic practices.

“I am very happy that the council relocated these people it really helped us when it removed the people from our gates because we had been encountering problems with the vendors. They were blocking our gates and were throwing litter all over the place, it was a mess,” one vendor said.

Another Mbizo 2 resident said the removal of the vendors from the illegally occupied areas had opened up space for them to walk freely without obstructions.

“The council helped us a lot because we were in trouble with the vendors, ranging from litter and dirt, even mosquitoes had found a breeding ground there. They dumped a lot of litter near our houses, imagine some rotting tomatoes and potatoes at the site,” said another local.

Another resident added: “It had compromised the health systems, in terms of the by-laws. When people are now operating from inside the designated area, the council can now ensure the people is sanitary and presentable to potential customers.”

One resident requested that the council provides a parking space at the site so that there is reduced disorder due to vehicles.

The local authority is however yet to identify a suitable place to relocate flea market traders who are operating along the road that leads to the vendors’ market.

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