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Covid 19 booster shots now available: Government.

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Dr. John Mangwiro (Health and Child Care Deputy Minister)

The health ministry has announced that Covid 19 booster shots are now available to front-line workers, the elderly and those with chronic conditions.

According to the health ministry, the booster shot was first being administered to frontline workers that included health workers, journalists, security services and council workers.

“We have introduced booster doses starting with frontline workers, health workers, journalists like you, many people who were frontline the first time we vaccinated, councils, immigration, police. People must go for their booster dose urgently and we are also definitely going to the schools where we want to vaccinate our 17-year-olds,” said Dr. John Mangwiro, the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care.

The announcement came as the country was making efforts to curb the further spread of the coronavirus, in light of the new Omicron virus that was discovered last week.

Dr. Mangwiro said it was crucial that vaccination was stepped up following the discovery of the new variant.

“This fourth wave (COVID 19) and Omicron variant which was found here (Zimbabwe), we definitely need to protect ourselves and the nation by just going to get vaccinated.

Zimbabwe targets to vaccinate 10 million people against Covid 19 to achieve herd immunity.

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