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AB Communication owned and Gweru-based radio station 98.4FM Midlands scooped the first-place award for being the leading commercial small-medium communications station on Saturday during the official opening of the Midlands Agriculture Show.

Speaking at the sidelines of the show, 98.4FM Midlands Assistant Station manager Kim Sibanda said the award serves as honour to the station as it shows that masses in the Midlands province support the station.

“This award serves as an honour to the station, it serves to confirm our position in the Midlands and the quality we offer to our customers and listeners. Our listeners are our first priority  and we thank them for their continued support,” she said.

She also highlighted that the listeners play a pivotal role in what the station disseminates as they have, at times, assisted with the station’s programming.

“Their support has helped us to grow and actually change the way we serve. It has helped us bring quality programming,” said Sibanda

 She indicated that customers have offered great support to the station that has enabled them to attend such exhibitions.

“To our customers, our clients, we wouldn’t be able to attend such exhibitions. You believe in us and the products we offer. We sorely swear that we will continue to give you coverage, we will make sure that your message is heard and understood. We will make sure messages are delivered in a way that grows brand awareness whilst at the same time promoting our listeners,” she said. She said the company will continue to bring out the best without compromising the other

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